Special Request for taxi services in France

The taxi services in the city of Paris, are common as in any other city in the world, taxis circulate between the streets and avenues picking up passengers and taking them to their proposed destination, this makes the system is repetitive and each driver can do with his vehicle what he likes. The companies of taxis implement a system that the client can enter his destiny in a GPS so that the driver in charge can take them without any problem, in addition, the taximeter will be in charge of measuring the distance from the port of departure to the point of arrival in that way we can calculate the amount to pay to the driver. This system has recently been implemented to reduce passenger demands on the working systems of taxi companies in Paris.

As we can see Paris is a great city and it is inhabited by thousands of people who every day use this type of services, to go to work or to do one or another social or recreational activity. The people of Paris like to visit places at any time between friends or relatives. The city is famous for having many tourist attractions that make many people not only citizens of France but also of other cities in the world come and enjoy this experience, therefore the services of taxi drivers always have work. I used to use taxi services regularly, now I have my own vehicle and can easily get out to the city and work. At some point in my life, I worked as a taxi driver in the city of Lyon and recently moved to Paris to look for other job opportunities. From what I have seen that the special services of the taxi companies here are more varied than in Lyon when I worked as a taxi driver in Lyon my only job was to transport passengers on a regular basis without any extra commitment, it was like that in all taxi companies. when I started to work I met the first friends of my life, which today are still a big part of my life, along with my wife who also works there, she was a management assistant and we met thanks to my boss. The services that my company offered were the regular transport where I worked and the other service was private taxi transport, that was a different department, my friends and I were a team we managed to make our company the best company in Lyon.

When I moved to Paris with my wife and children we used the taxi service quite a bit, as she needed to go to work and we like to get to know the city as much as possible. Sometimes my children took a taxi to go to class because the school bus was late and they needed to get to class early. My wife and I preferred the private taxi service as they took our children safely to their school. One day I was reading in the news that taxi companies were modernizing their technology and means of contact, now we can find an application that connects directly to the telephone system or messaging of the taxi company and they send the private taxi driver directly to the homes, really this change has been quite significant for the population of Paris.

A few months ago I met a friend who was visiting from his native country to Paris, he wanted to know everything this city has to offer, I personally offered myself to be his tour guide in my free trips to work, but while I could not take him he decided to go to a taxi company and got a service very different from what the companies offer, I personally didn’t know that the private taxi service could last so long with only one passenger and it turns out that this new service was only available to tourists who wanted to explore and go to many places in the city. I was surprised and wanted to contact my friends in Lyon and ask if this type of service had arrived in the city as well, they had answered me that in Lyon the service offered was the same without any alteration, next to the private taxi service but they had not heard of such an extensive service for only one passenger.When I had the opportunity, I could ask my friend about that service he had contracted with the taxi company, he told me “Yes it is my friend, now the taxi companies in Paris have new services, the mine was to rent the taxi and the driver would take me anywhere I wanted, of course I had to pay a considerable amount to get that service but it turned out to be much better than paying a taxi every time I wanted to leave, because that way I only had to call the driver and he would arrive at once and take me to the place I wanted to go, do not imagine that now taxi companies have much competition and they have to create new and innovative services, my friend”. At that time I was left with many questions, because having worked for taxi companies in the past and that in these times were added new services was very interesting for me, I know that my new job is not to be a taxi driver but spend more than ten years serving Lyon as a driver and enjoy my work a lot.

In my research, some of my friends mentioned to me that taxi companies were also transporting passengers from Paris to the nearest cities of the capital. At that moment I was surprised because when I was a taxi driver I understood that taxis could not leave the city if there were no customers aboard the taxi. As far as I could see is that the competition was getting bigger and new taxi companies were opening their doors to get a new preference in the city, so I thought This may have led companies to act this way and open up new opportunities in the taxi service, I could investigate five or six new areas of opportunity, I also thought this could provide more jobs to new people as companies needed more drivers and more specialized people to run these new departments. When I found this kind of information I had an inner feeling of working in this area of my life again. One of the services I observed was that the taxis could take groups of young people to the parties and then go through them to take them home at a certain time, this to ensure the safety of people late at night and this way the taxi company would have a good reputation among others in the city. Paris has been one of the cities that has revolutionized many aspects of life, and now it has revolutionized the quality of transportation among people.

My friends and I spoke again and mentioned having seen taxis that were not from the city of Lyon, those were from the cities that were close to Lyon, which meant that this type of service was not only limited to the city of Paris but had also spread to other cities in the country. France was changing radically and I could see the change in the way of life of people as the years went by, more and more people in a city, more and more services were opened, more jobs could be generated and in the same way people were satisfied to see that the city had more and more to offer them. Taxi services in Paris have always been the best in transport apart from the national metro that takes us to different places in the capital, taxis have been a society which works day and night. Since I accepted the position of taxi driver I knew that this job was going to change my life and give me the opportunity to cook all kinds of people and get to know them as much as I could, seeing the new services that these companies offer makes me think that new drivers will have new opportunities to be good and better people. One day I was talking to my wife, and she thinks that this new job offers that taxi companies can offer are quite beneficial to people, as well as to the company itself. I think that taxis have existed for a long time and they have performed the same routine of taking passengers from one place to another with nothing special that can make the taxi driver satisfied with his work, now with the new ideas of the companies the taxi drivers will have new possibilities of work, she expressed herself in a quite accurate way about people, passengers and taxi drivers.

In Paris, I got to know several taxi drivers of whom I could make a good friend. They told me those taxi companies in Paris have been offering new services because customers have demanded more types of travel options, some customers are even given a cheaper trip from one city to another and prefer to go by taxi rather than go on the subway or go by plane. Customers now prefer to use a taxi even for two or three nights in a row, the company gives them that benefit as long as they are permanent members and customers of the company. There are some drivers who have established partnerships with some customers and know when they can go to bring them home and take them to work, customers in these times have preferred a taxi to take them to their destination to use a car to avoid paying for fuel or some other expense that the car may require. Taxi companies now have competition among themselves because people are always using them and that gave rise to new companies with taxis, you have to be more hardworking work a little more and also be able to make friends with some of the customers. You could say there’s a race between companies that do not end.

We can find many advances in the city of Paris both structural and technological that can come to impress us and even get to have access to all these advances, but the means of transport that gives and will be giving that talk for many years is and will always be the taxi transport, because the thousands of French and tourists who come to the country around the world will witness how wonderful this means of transport is and to provide security. Taxi drivers are committed to ensuring that these services are carried out responsibly and that everyone can be carried with high esteem towards customers.

I am pleased to have met many people during my years as a taxi driver, I know that these people taught me a large part of what I know today and I know that I can impart my knowledge with my children and people around me. Today, I am working in one of the largest taxi companies in Paris, I am no longer a taxi driver, my age does not allow me to be driving every day for quite some time now I got a better position as supervisor, and my job is to ensure that the taxi service is always aware of people’s demands. I also propose new ideas for my superiors, ideas that I hope one day will come to fruition, my wife and children always say that I work with pride that since she met me knew that the father of their children would be a devoted person their work.

The taxis in Paris are becoming more and more and more and is that this city always has many things to offer, the readers of this article I invite you to one day take a walk through the city and come to experience what is really a walk through the streets in a taxi.